About us


This page is about the life and adventures of daddyboards and co. A joy of life and the outdoors expressed through our sports.

Bloggers – that’s us!

Scott works in social care in Kent in the southeast of the UK. He is a campervan enthusiast, outdoor lover and is generally ridiculously optimistic, earning the nickname ‘Captain Optimism’. He is a snowboarder, longboarder and paddleboarder/SUP surfer.

Louise is a professional working in the healthcare industry in London. She is obsessed with healthy living, loves good food and generally attempting yoga, snowboarding and surfing.

To add more ingredients to the mix, Scott has two children from a previous relationship. who join in the adventures and add to the fun!!

Scott on Louise: Louise is a beautiful and loving person, who is social and fun loving. She is happiest when with friends and loved ones, and her ideal days are combining this with the outdoors and healthy living. She’s a keen yogi and self confessed health nerd. She is very intelligent, holding a masters in Chemistry, which means she knows some of the science behind what’s good for us. On top of all this, she is a willing to give anything new a go and likes a good adventure, which just fuels my love for her.

Louise on Scott: I knew Scott was a keeper when he tried to impress me with a one armed press-up and invitation to a Michelin starred restaurant! He is generous, determined and kind, always putting others before himself. He is an all out adventure-seeker, looking for adrenaline, laughs and new experiences, and enjoys it most with his children and friends around. I am in awe of the way he juggles being an amazing dad, doing a challenging job, as well as finding time and the energy to hit the waves at any time of the day. It’s corny but he inspires me and I love him more and more each adventure we make.


Thanks to AH Photography for the shot.


The van

We have upgraded from our trusty Bedford motor-home to this more sleek looking transit. It’s ideal for our growing family and quick trips on the hunt for waves! She is serving us well and makes the journey’s a bit more tolerable knowing we are going to get there sooner.



Hope you enjoy our page! 

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