Things have been very quiet on here and our other social media outlets. We have been lacking in a bit of motivation recently. Things just having been aligning as they usually do. There have been a few factors really influencing this. One has been the lack of swell at my local breaks. Or I should say bad timing of swell. Being a glorified weekend warrior has really been an issue this winter. With limited annual leave to use and badly timed swells means we haven’t had any road trips lately or decent surf sessions since our last blog. In all honesty I have been feeling rather frustrated with offerings recently.

I have also been struggling with my own health. I suffered a viral infection last year that has left me with on going digestive issues due to a bacterial imbalance leaving me with IBS symptoms. I found that NHS support around this was shocking with my GP saying just to deal with it! If we didn’t have private health care through work then I would probably be none the wiser as to what was causing the issue. But now I do and have been working hard to get back to being healthy. The best thing i have found in addition to managing my diet has been Symprove. I have posted a link below for any IBS sufferers or any one with digestive issues. I haven’t felt as well as I do now since 2016.


I have been researching the subject, talking to other people and there are a surprising amount of people with similar issues. From those who suffer in silence, who I had no idea were experiencing the same symptoms as me and others who have far worse. Throughout my research online and talking to people I can’t help but think it is more than a coincidence that so many have digestive issues. I have obviously read lots about links to diet and lifestyle which is guaranteed to be a factor. I do not feel I fit in this category as I eat relatively well and am quite active. I think there is something in our shared food chain that our bodies are having trouble dealing with.I think this is all linked to the impact we are having on our planet. I think micro plastics, the extensive chemicals used in modern farming and processed food all have a part to play. I have for a long time believed that our way of modern living is not sustainable for us or the planet. Don’t worry I’m not about to preach about banishing all plastics or how global warming is destroying the ice caps, I just don’t thing think we should ignore what the planet and now my body is telling me. Apart from anything else this has all affected my motivation to get out there.


Don’t get me wrong there has been some pretty killer times in between too. I spent an awesome week with friends in the french alps. Snowboarding is one of first loves and I always try to get out at least once a year. I love the surf style of powder riding which I think has enabled my love of surfing too. It didn’t hurt that we had a hot tub and sauna in our accommodation either!


I also managed to bag my first ever barrel! It was another disappointing swell on the local south coast. I was out with a few friends trying to bag some 3 ft mush when this perfect looking 5 ft set arrived. I was able to position myself perfectly and took off on a steep face. As I crouched in and grabbed my toe side rail the wave just curled over my shoulder, as I gunned towards the shore in direct sight of some short boarders who acknowledged the wave with some hooting. I was buzzing after. I’m now pretty keen to get another and as is becoming typical, the camera wasn’t running!


The motivation is coming back with a vengeance and will hopefully have some pretty big news to share later in the year. Before that though we head off to the South west for 10 days in the next few weeks and will keep you posted of the good things happening down there.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. You’re definitely not alone and different factors can cause this issue. I’m speaking from experience. Anxiety was causing it for me. Now things are all sorted and no issues.

    You’re still a mad man for getting out on the water so much during a British winter. Nice one!


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