Busy Busy Busy…

It’s been a while since we’ve added anything on to our blog. Things have been getting rather busy at the daddyboards home ranch. We’ve been hard at work not only in our day jobs but on our house and future planning. We are close to finishing the extension and getting our house back to being habitable. We still managed to fit in a holiday and a few mini breaks too.


Catching up

I have been having a bit of a difficult time bringing myself to keep on top of our social media. So much so that I have even neglected to take pictures of some of our trips and sessions. I have found this to be more liberating than I thought. Being able to be in the moment and focus on the moment whether that’s clean faced waves or enjoying the time with family and friends. That said it hasn’t done much to raise our profile! Our future plans kind of depend on reaching out to others, but we haven’t neglected the big picture and do have some progress to share.

Firstly there’s a new toy that has arrived. As part of my personal progression I am trying to move to a body weight neutral board or lower – that means a board that just about floats my weight or is fully submerged when stationary. The reason for this is to be able to pull more radical maneuvers and experience a more technical ride. To this aim I was able to demo a Sunova Speeed 7’11 for the summer from JB at The Standup paddle boarder shop– one of the perks of being a team rider! The board is 7’11 x 26 @ 94l this is 10l above my weight. This board is killer and I even managed to get in some home turf sessions. Don’t get me wrong it is not a stable board but I wanted a challenge. Once on a wave this board is like a hover craft, with little persuasion it’s up to top speed and the maneuverability was unreal . Looking forward to some autumnal swell greatness with this board! if your interested in giving any of the Sunova boards a try get in touch either with myself or JB.sunova_speeed_deck_1_1


sunova boards

In addition to progressing my paddle surfing I am also trying to progress my knowledge of paddle boarding. I have signed up to a instructor and coach rescue course to be able to help others learn to SUP and get closer to achieving our goals of living a life that enables our passions rather than just funding them! I decided to sign up for the ISA course from Surfsteps in Bournemouth. I had heard great things about the course and delivery and am looking forward to meeting the almost infamous Andy Joyce in the process. I chose this pathway as opposed to the BSUPA or ASI courses as I felt the course material was a better fit for our plans for the future. The plan is to become the first sup surf coach in the South East. I will let you all know my thoughts on the course and obviously when the first round of lessons will be available.


Fun times!

It can’t be all work and no play. We definitely have managed to fit in some time to play. There have been numerous mini trips to Devon, Cornwall and the South coast. Scored some nice waves in all places and some killer sunsets with friends and family.


We even managed to fit in a two week trip to France. We went to Disneyland for the wee ones, followed by 7 days in the Bay of Biscay as well as the D-day beaches on the way back to the Ferry. We stayed mostly in Carcans, just north of Lacanau in Southern France. We spent our days paddle boarding the nearby lake and going to the beaches. It was maxing out when we first arrived but managed to fit a few surf sessions in but only one of which was clean. That one clean day made the trip more than worth while. That combined with quality time with the family and a couple of adventurous friends who were on their own roadtrip in their van. It was a beautiful place and well worth a visit. Looking back I wished I took more pictures but I enjoyed not having the distraction.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found that a short drive up from Lacanau and Carcans the lines up were not as busy and waves were just as good. I met some friendly locals in the line up and although my french is terrible we were still able to share in the stoke of some shoulder to head high glassy rides.


All in all we have been a busy bunch with the usual every day pressures that face us all. That includes new experiences including our first days at Secondary school and getting a new car due to the old one blowing up! We have been struggling with the work life balance a bit and know others are too. Our friend, Lauren, is going through very similar challenges with her quest to keep fit and healthy whilst having a professional career. Reading her blogs and posts have helped us get focused again and we aim to be boring you all more frequently! Check her out here: The Professional Sweater. 



We have been keeping up to date with ISA world championships and cheering on our friends from Team Ireland and Team Wales, plus checking out what the other home countries are getting up to. Check it out here : http://isaworlds.com/sup/2017/en/live/

It’s not quite a podcast, but hey we made the rules!

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