Spring has sprung

Hi, my name is Louise. Or perhaps in this context Step mumma-boards.

One thing I’ve realised this month is that I’m a bit like a plant. .. Well, in that I’m powered by the sun. (So in that analogy, I could also be a lizard or a tortoise.) But what I actually mean is that these last few weeks of sunshine have really awoken my love of being active and in the outdoors.

I don’t get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but I do feel more tired, less cheerful and less energetic in the winter months. I commute into London so travelling in the dark, spending the day under artificial light, I am probably vitamin D deficient for 5 months of the year.

I have recently come out of quite a low spell in particular in these last few months. With some help from the doctor and the never-wavering support (ie. hugs and pep talks) from Daddyboards, I feel like I am finally past the worst. And coinciding with this is SPRING!

These spells of light in the morning and in the evening have been amazing. Seeing the trees and flowers outside our house, getting to appreciate the dusk light and the bright skies on a Sunday walk have really lifted my mood and inspired me!

Below are some things I have started doing and that I plan to do more of this spring. What are your plans? Have you been inspired by spring?

Ps. Don’t judge me, I’m starting small on the goals….

  • Yoga
    • Actually finish a ’30 days of yoga’ challenge – is it just me, or does anyone else fail to get past Day 3?
    • Enjoy the yummy stretches of Yin yoga – I recently did some yin yoga and got into poses I never thought I could, just from holding and relaxing into the stretch. What a way to chill out too
      • Try this video from my new instragram crush and amazing yoga instructor, Lucy Foster-Perkins
    • Perfect the pigeon pose – looks easy; is in fact crazy hard. I think I must have super tight hips from sitting at a desk for 5 years (or more!)
      • Tutorial from Yoga with Adriene is the one
    • Bedtime yoga – you’re thinking downward dog, right? Ha, no, I mean squeezing in 5 mins before bed (no tutorial or video, make it up yoga) to relax and chill so I sleep better
  • Get outside
    • Go on a walk with the kids
    • Weed the garden
  • Get in the water
    • After a few years of surf trips in the winter (ahem, probably/definitely trying to impress, ahem), I’ve not been able to drag myself into the sea this winter
    • But I love the water, so grit your teeth and pull on that wetsuit Louise! Good chance to try Daddyboards’ new (second hand) purchase –  a Gong Bamby Finch 5’9 x 30” mini sup

Part of enjoying spring has evolved from tips I’ve used to help with anxiety and worries by living in the moment – appreciating the small things. Noticing the light at the top of the building, as I walk to work. Realising the sky is bluer than I’ve seen in ages (not bad as you go past St. Paul’s). Trying to work out how many types of birds you can hear chirping at twilight. These are techniques I use to avoid dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ and living in the ‘now’. Cheesy, yes. But, I promise, it works.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog. Will be thinking of more topics, but let me know if there’s anything you want us to cover.


NEXT TIME: The island of Ireland

Daddyboards and I go on an adventure in the camper for Daddyboards’ FIRST surf competition in April. So excited and proud of him. Will update you from Sligo, Ireland 🙂



If you know me, you’ll know I’m a podcast addict. I honestly don’t know why more people don’t listen to them! I am always banging on about my favourite podcast to friends (not always to willing listeners). So maybe I’ll find some podcast buddies on here…we can be podcase’s together!

Mountain podcast 

This podcast is my ultimate favourite. Real-life stories and interviews from people who love mountains, narrated by the amazing Christopher Sleight. The episodes are about climbers, hill runners, trekkers, wild campers and their love of adventure in the mountains. Sparked by our first trip to Scotland in the van, I’ve fallen in love with listening to fellow active junkies and descriptions of beautiful mountain-scapes that take me right back there.

Episode recommendation: A last letter home

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