Scott… land

In about four days we will be loading up the van ready to hit my home land. Scotland. Scott literally means the man from Scotland yet I have only visited a handful of times. This time I plan on taking full advantage of the freedom the van offers! Having Scottish heritage has always been important to me, I am keen to get back to my roots and experience the Scottish highlands in a more immersive way.


The van has been nursed back to full health after a quick engine swap. It took about three weekends in total to reclaim an old engine and fit it in to the Bedford. I now feel like I know every part of the van intimately, only because I feel some of the parts well and truly f****d me! Having to grind off bolts and man handle prop shafts in. It’s a real struggle at times to remember why we do it. Then after hearing the engine come back to life and taking the first drive all past transgressions and frustrations are forgiven.


So, we look forward to what is surely a bigger adventure then the last – a full ten days on the road. We have the joys of the British climate to look forward to but not only this we are on the hunt for some snow! The current plan (subject to change :-P) is to leave Friday afternoon, get past the M25 before the half term vacationers are out, then spend the next two days getting to our destination (with a few adventure stops on the way) of Glencoe mountain in Scotland. We have some ski lessons booked for the kids and some days booked at the base of the mountain with electric hookup. I know, living in luxury, right!

The aim is to get as much slope time in as we can and mix it up with some waves on the Scottish coast and perhaps even some flat water in the highlands of Fort William and surrounding areas. Our route takes us up through the Lake district where we plan to stop, get some water time and enjoy the outdoors. The return journey will be the same. Forecast looks promising with the high winds looking like they will be gone by the time we get there. The tail end of storm Imogen seems to have gifted us a good covering of snow too. I am secretly hoping for some of the infamous Scottish powder once there.

We are cautious of the weather and our only source of heat will be the gas fires in the van. But we are hopeful this will be plenty but have stocked up with thermal layers just in case!

To keep up with our adventure, check out our social media pages via the contact us page.

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