South Coast Mini Trip



So, this past weekend we spent our time hunting for surf around the Bournemouth area. If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you may have seen our live updates! We chose Bournemouth as we were collecting my custom finish board. It’s now a one of kind! It started it’s life as an O’Shea long sup board but it’s now awesomely rat look thanks to the help and perseverance of Saviour Board repairs in Bournemouth (following some DIY aesthetics!). The board looks amazing – it’s a head turner. At 10′ 10″ and 28″ wide, it’s a bit of a rocket on the waves and always a fun board to ride. Of our two fellow riders who had a go over the weekend, she got 100% glowing feedback – one even offered to buy it if she ever goes on sale!

Rat log
Waves are fun…








We started our journey on Saturday morning loading up the car, due to a poorly van, and hitting the road at 8am. Boscombe was our chosen destination and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was forecast for 2-3ft but some were coming in at least 4ft. On arrival, we collected the board, met our surfing companions Stewart and Terry, and following some grub, were eager for some waves. We chose to park up above the beach on Boscombe over cliff. This is a great free place to park that’s close to the main beaches – you’ve just got to carry your board down the hill.

received_10100685428550352 received_10100685428515422

No wave left!

Once on the beach – when I finally made it, after having to run back to grab the camera I left on the roof – we hit the water and spent a good few hours riding some awesome waves. It was good to ride the floaty style of the rat log again – I had missed it! The long floaty turns and walking the length is an amazing feeling. When compared to the RRD (the pocket rocket), it’s hard to chose between the two. The RRD offers some hard carving and fast turns, I was even able to hit the lip on some of the bigger waves. Unfortunately Louise’s picture taking wasn’t as quick, she only caught me running out of wave.

After our tiring session, we jumped in the car and had to find somewhere to stay. Some south coast sup’ers kindly had sent some advice on places to stay and so we headed to the Bournemouth International Centre and the plethora of hotels and B+Bs. After being turned down by a few for no availability, we finally found a quiet chilled place to crash.

Corfe Castle

The following day, we decided to venture for some bigger waves. Boscombe was forecast 1-2ft but with some insider knowledge from Saviour we headed for Kimmeridge which was due 2-4ft. We made our way to the coast through the country lanes and past some incredible scenery. Once at Kbay we were greeted by around 200 other surfers, the ledges were going off! We ventured for a look around the Jurassic coast and the waves were well overhead, with over 40 surfers in the same spot! With Stewart nursing an injury and Louise relatively new to sup surfing, we decided to turn tail and face this surf another day.

Back at Boscombe, it did not let us down. The sun was beaming, we were still in summer wetsuits and as luck would have it, the sets started rolling in! They were smaller than the day before but the wind had dropped so they were a bit cleaner. The great thing about going in a group is that you get to share and try out the other boards. Lou progressed loads despite biting it a few times in the shore dump!

We ended the trip with dinner at Urban Reef on the balcony over looking the beach and sunset, in shorts in November!

received_10100685428575302 received_10100685428505442

View over dinner
View over dinner

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