Things have been very quiet on here and our other social media outlets. We have been lacking in a bit of motivation recently. Things just having been aligning as they usually do. There have been a few factors really influencing this. One has been the lack of swell at my local breaks. Or I should […]

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Kent Perfection

It’s a rare day when you see Kent surfers in awe of the near perfect sets rolling in. But that is exactly what happened this past weekend. I find that South East Surfers are among the most positive people I know and have an ability to make even the dreariest forecast sound like something to […]

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The Butterfly Effect…

What makes a good surf session? Is there the perfect recipe? For some the answer is pretty simple, good waves obviously! I have been asking myself this very question recently. Partly because of the lack of surf we have had this year and partly due to a session I had where everything said it shouldn’t have been any good but I was still stoked at the end. The conditions were not as forecast, there was almost no swell, the wind was stronger than predicted and blowing on shore and the tide was way out. I will call this session la mariposa, it was less than ideal but still we had a go and surprised ourselves. ¬†On my drive home I was trying to pinpoint what made it so good and what makes a good session in general. I came up with a few key ideas that are all connected – ingredients if you will.

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