Custom Balance Boards

In addition to our SUP lessons we are pleased to offer custom handmade Balance boards. We are able to provide these to professionals and individuals. They would make a great addition to gym/personal trainers equipment and equally be suitable for use at home or on the move.

Balance boards are a great way to improve your core strength and balance. If you are looking for a way to practice and improve sport specific skills at home or when your not able to access your chosen sport.

Balance boards are a good training aid for many board sports including SUP, Surfing, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding as well as Snowboarding and Skiing. They are also a great addition to any workout and can aid rehabilitation for many injuries. Balance boards particularly focus on core strength. With slight variations you can workout the whole body plus add an element of fun. See what Fit and me say here:

All our boards are made from high quality products and hand made here at the Daddyboards HQ by Scott. We use wood products for a majority of our products and as such there are some naturally occurring defects, however, performance is not affected. We have three board models for quick ordering and two roller lengths 400mm or 350mm to suit the two board widths. All rollers are approximately 120mm

The Basic Model. This offers a good base for most size riders and most flexibility in use without compromising storage space. 700mmx270mm

The Surf model. This offers the rider more flexibility in riding style and encourages foot movement with its gentle flex due to its increased length and width. 900mmx350mm

The oddball. The smallest of the range ideal for confined spaces, storing or travel. 600mmx260mm

We have various packages to suit all abilities and needs. From our standard roller package to the beginners package and advance models.

  • The advance package which is suited to confident riders uses a 120mm wooden ball to add more difficulty and 360 degrees of rotation to really work the legs and core as well as the standard roller. IN addition to our surf model board. From £90 depending on chosen spec
  • The standard package is a great all round option suitable for most people. This option comes with a wooden roller. It offers unilateral balance which targets legs and core muscles. This is the most versatile setup and is a great addition to home work outs or suitable for inclusion in gym equipment for both the professional and individuals. From £75 depending on board model and chosen spec.
  • The basic package is great for rehabilitation and those not yet up for the added difficulty of the standard or advance packages. It is a great way to build strength and aid the bodies repair. This option comes with a inflatable cushion and the option to add a standard roller. From £60 depending on board model and chosen spec.

We are pleased to offer custom options across our range of models and we are able to create new shapes for you. Please contact us for further information or check out our Ebay page for some pre-made models.

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